Reliable Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services

Bee - Residential Pest Control

If you hear scratching in your ceiling, crickets chirping in the walls, ants on the counters or roaches running around the house, count on Renegade Pest Control to handle these issues and any others that my occur. Our staff of well trained, knowledgable technicians use only the best products.  Eco-friendly products are also available.

Service Schedules

Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and one-time services are available. 

Specialty services   

• Bed bugs
• Pigeons
• Bee Jobs
• Rodent Resistence Rrograms
• Fleas
• Rodent Trapping

• Gophers
• Snakes



Specialty services are priced accordingly. 

Contact Renegade Pest Control for more information about our residential and commercial pest control services. 

We service : Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Palm Springs California